Saturday, July 16, 2011

Apparently I blogged once in 2010

Hallo from BKK! Today's inaugural blog (minus that one post from 2010?) is about what I saw today. I've decided each picture will get either 2 words or 4 words for a description. This choice was made consciously and deliberately, albeit it on an empty stomach. The reason is that if you want to know more, I demand direct contact. I get lonely and so ridiculously bored here. Get Whatsapp for your iPhones, Skype for your computers, or a mailing address and get at me. I will get "back atcha".

P.S. This is going to be a bizarrely not wordy blog... For no reason other than they really had the right idea with Twitter: 140 characters you long winded hooligans.

So, we begin:

Sky Train

A future dining Experience

Street vendors

Buddhists Shrine

The same only different

Traffic was lite today

Went alone


Red Velvet... :))

I miss my dog!

Retail therapy.

So there you go. Whole day in a nutshell. Should've posted a pic of Dr. Pepper cuz I had one but I didn't know I'd be starting a blog today. Still wishing I was tiger lily.

Location:Bangkok, Thailand


  1. Woohoo!! No one's more excited that you're blogging than me. Love you sister! <>

  2. We should totally skype sometime! I'd say this week, but Lucy and I are in WV (bored and in an empty house) and I forgot to bring a mic...wouldn't make for much interesting conversation on our part. =)

  3. This is brilliant. I share your stance on 140 characters or less...I usually can't finish long-winded hooligan blogs, my ADD kicks in and I get bored. Sound familiar?

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  5. I love the blog, and if I were 20 years younger it probably wouldn't be taking me 3 attemts and an hour to figure out how to post a comment (or how to avoid accidentally removing it once I got it there, reference the above.) Sigh. (Three more years till I have a teenager in the house again who can do these things for me.) Love the pics ... love that you're out there exploring, even tho you're missing home ... love YOU.

  6. Can you not EDIT these things when you spell "attempt" wrong???